Venue and Accomodation


The event will be held in the premises of the Ionian University (Department of Informatics), Tsirigoti Square 7,  which is centrally located in the  the city of Corfu and it is in walking distance from all the major points of interest, the port, the main square, the Saint Michael and George Palace etc. and from many city hotels. The airport is also a 5 minute distance (by Taxi).

The non-profit organisation 'International Festival of Corfu' was founded in June 2008 with the objective of planning, organising and managing the cultural events in the Region of Corfu that constitute the "International Corfu Festival". The aim is to demonstrate the richness of the local musical heritage but also to include music of a contemporary nature in a festival production entitled "Ionian Concerts". 

Dark green cypress trees blend with shining orange and lemon grooves blossoming in the fresh air to give Corfu that Mediterranean charm. Once, the island was a holiday destination for European Emperors and royalty and is known as the "Princess of the Ionian Sea". The scenery of Corfu reminds that of Tuscany! Corfu has an immense cultural heritage, exceptionally interesting tourist attractions, matchless sandy beaches of unequalled beauty and extraordinary gastronomic offerings. The special architecture of the old town and the pronounced Venetian elements are impressed in the buildings adorning the city of Corfu; it is a labyrinth of narrow streets paved with cobblestones, sometimes tortuous but colourful and clean. In 2007, Corfu city's old town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Corfu is the largest and most fertile of the Ionian Islands, and because of its combination of impressive beaches, archaeological sites, and extensive medieval town, is one of the most visited. Historically, Corfu has been controlled by many foreign powers, notably the Venetians, the French and the British. The climate of the archipelago of Corfu is warm Mediterranean. The summer here is warm and relatively dry with a blue sky, often cooled by seasonal breezes, offering the ideal conditions for surfing.

Corfu's nature, sea and history have made sure so that you today, no matter when you come, or how long you will stay, or your style, you will certainly find original and interesting situations to exercise and to have fun. In a place with a tradition in tourism of at least 130 years, with Greek education and the influence of “nobility” from England, France and, surely, Venice, in a place which is used to welcoming the international jet-set for several decades now, the possibilities for sports and amusement are certainly impressive.

To download a booklet that helps you in your sightseeing of this wonderful island, click here.

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ACCOMODATION (full registration pack)

Under the full registration pack (attendance, accommodation, one lunch every day, coffee breaks and a gala dinner), participants will be accommodated in the University Hall of Residence in Corfu. Provided rooms will be 1-person or 2-person rooms with private bathrooms, and basic facilities (pillows, clean sheets and toilet paper provided, own towels needed).

Note: Students may share a room with another student of the same gender.

ACCOMODATION (basic registration pack)

For participants that wish to take care of their accommodation themselves (typically, this is done by choosing the basic registration pack), a list of hotels, located walking distance from the venue, is listed below. Due to the high touristic interest for the island, early reservations is STRONGLY recommended.

1. Corfu Palace ***** 
Tel: 0030 26610 39485
Fax: 0030 26610 31749
Leoforos Dimokratias 2, 
Corfu 49100, Greece (15 minutes on foot) 

2. Cavalieri Hotel **** 
Tel: 0030 26610 39041 - 39336 
Fax: 0030 26610 39283 
Address: Kapodistriou Str. 9 Corfu 49100, Greece (15 minutes on foot)  

3. Hotel Ariti **** 
Tel: 0030 26610 33885-8 
Fax: 0030 26610 33889
Address: Nafsikas 41, Kanoni,
Corfu, 49100, Greece (10 minutes by car)

4. Hotel Arion***
Tel: +30 26610 37950, +30 26610 37951 
Fax: +30 26610 38904 
Address: Sxerias 6 Mon Repos Corfu, 49100,
Greece (5 minutes by car)

5. Hotel Bella Venezia***
Tel: +30 26610 46500 +30 26610 44290 
Fax: +30 26610 20708 
Address: Zampeli 4 Corfu, 49100,
Greece (10 minutes on foot)

6. Hotel Astron ** 
Tel: +30 26610 39505
Fax: +30 26610 33708 
Address: Donzelot 15 Corfu, 49100,
Greece (10 minutes on foot)